Polar Bear - San Diego Zoo

The polar bears of the San Diego Zoo are usually my first stop during my frequent visits.  Normally they are napping, but if you’re in luck you can watch them glide through the water in their pool (they also have a pool in their private quarters), or playing with their many enrichment toys.


Polar Bear Feet - San Diego Zoo

Aren’t these paws amazing?

I use a Canon EOS 50D camera with a 400mm lens.  Normally I use a monopod for a lens this big (it’s the length of my forearm), but once in awhile you can’t use a tripod or monopod and have to hold the camera very still.


As was the case with this photo, taken while on the moving vehicle!




One of my favorite photographs.  A quiet moment with these two Cheetah sisters taken during the early evening.   Another photo where I held the camera and lens in a moving vehicle.


 Using a large lens affords the possibility of taking shots from a distance. Catching the animals in natural poses. 


Getting up close and personal…





Viewing detail that is difficult to see with your eyes…


















 I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my wildlife photography.  





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