About C. J. Corbin

The Official Bio: C. J. Corbin writes sizzling romance leaving you breathless

When she’s not in front of her laptop, she is looking through the lens of her camera to capture the perfect wildlife shot. An avid wildlife conservationist, she donates a portion of her book sales to animal conservancy. She lives in sunny Southern California with her cockapoo, Isabella. Relaxing by blasting alternative rock music through her headset, she also enjoys watching Los Angeles Dodgers baseball, and L.A. Kings hockey.  She spends too much time online feeding her hopeless addiction to Coach purses.  Most of all, C. J. loves to spend time with all the special people in her life. She loves to hear from readers too.

More about me than you would ever want to know…:  Born in Berlin, Germany, I grew up in Southern California and consider myself a quintessential California girl.  During high school, my parents gave me my very first camera, a used 35mm Kodak camera with an automatic light meter.  At the same time, my best friend and I wrote concurrent stories, and we spent the weekends reading them to each other.  So from high school on, I have either had a story or a photo in my head.   After many years of shooting varied subjects with my camera, I began to focus on wildlife.  I discovered the secret of photographing animals by practicing on my own cocker spaniels.  A trip to Alaska in 2007 where I captured bears, otters, reindeer, caribou, whales, seals, and most importantly eagles, resulted in my first published wildlife photographs,  Then, a few years ago I began to write a book never dreaming that Eagle’s Destiny would be the outcome.

What’s on the horizon?  The fourth book in the Destiny Series is here! Meeting Destiny  … Siobhan and David meet again after twenty years — will they try to grab the brass ring one more time in this second chance story?

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Currently, I’m writing the 5th Destiny Book, Choosing Destiny.  Expect to see it in the Spring of 2022.

Lastly… Why animal conservation?  Michael summed it up the best in Eagle’s Destiny, and we both feel the same way.  The first time I saw Alaska, the seed was planted to help protect our wildlife.  Contributing a part of my net proceeds enables me to choose programs that are committed to these goals.  I urge you to visit San Diego Zoo Global and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn more about their conservation activities.