About C. J. Corbin

The Official Bio: C. J. Corbin writes sizzling contemporary & paranormal romances which will leave you breathless!

She lives in Southern California with her cocker spaniel, Isabella. An avid wildlife conservationist, she donates a percentage of her book sales to animal conservancy projects.

C. J. relaxes by always being SASSY, drinking coffee, and blasting alternative rock music through her headset while feeding a shameless addiction to online shopping.

And she truly believes in happily-ever-after.

What’s on the horizon?  The 6th Destiny Series book Finding Destiny is due out at the beginning of October 2023.

Check her out on Facebook and here for updated information.

“Lastly… Why animal conservation?  Michael summed it up the best in Eagle’s Destiny, and we both feel the same way.  The first time I saw Alaska, the seed was planted to help protect our wildlife.  Contributing a part of my net proceeds enables me to choose programs that are committed to these goals.  I urge you to visit San Diego Zoo Global and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn more about their conservation efforts.”